One Day. One Book. Indigenous-Language Storybooks

Frequently asked questions

Can I only order in August?

We are collecting book orders in August 2018 only so that we can pool orders together to make one, large print order. By creating one, large print order, everyone who orders books will benefit from lower prices.

Usually, due to small orders, indigenous languages books are very expensive. Through this August ordering process, we are trying to make indigenous languages more affordable.

If you want to order books but it is not possible for you to order in August, please contact

When will I be invoiced?

After you place your book order in August, Room to Read will send you an invoice for the books you ordered. We expect invoices to go out in August and to be paid in September.

When will I receive my books?

Printing will happen in October through December. Deliveries will happen immediately after, beginning in January and arriving no later than February.

How much will books cost?

We are currently working to identify a printer. Once a printer is identified, we will know the price of the books. We want to make these books available to as many children throughout South Africa as possible. We expect to set prices more than 50% below the average market price. Exact prices will be announced on this website in early-mid August.

Who can buy books?

Any local organization, government department, bookstore, NGO, private school or individual can purchase books! Individuals might want the books for their own purposes, or they can buy books to donate to local schools, libraries, or NGOs. Customers can be located anywhere in South Africa.

Is there a minimum order number?

Each customer must purchase a minimum total of 100 books. The minimum order per book is 50.

If any party wants to purchase books but cannot afford the minimum, they can combine their order with others. For example, if 2 organizations want to purchase books and TOGETHER their orders reach the minimum, they would choose one contact person to complete the order form and manage the payment, and one delivery location.

Are the books created by South Africans?

Yes! All books are written by native speakers of the indigenous languages. All illustrators, designers, and editors are also South Africans. The publishers are all local publishers in South Africa who specialize in publishing content in the five book languages.